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Latest reviews for Mitchell's Towing and Recovery 5/5.0 stars (78 reviews)

Phil in Lynchburg, VA *****
Mark Hudson is very courteous and efficient in doing his job. Thanks for a job well done.
Wow Organizing in Roanoke, VA *****
Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery to the RESCUE ...

I Was doing several errands before I was scheduled for an Organizing appointment.... while I was rushing around I was Almost finished with my last errand.. and THEN I locked my keys in the car ! ! ! Panic fear and frustration set in ! I always arrive to all my appointments a few minutes before schedule....

After I took a couple of deep breath it came to mind that Mitchell’s towing could help in the situation... So I called and Chad answered the phone: I told him in a PANIC Voice the situation.... he asked me the location and put me on hold for just a moment and told me that someone would be there in 15 minutes to help me.... The relief I felt was so welcomed . The driver was very careful with my door And had the keys in my hand in a matter of minutes... what a RELIEF !!!!

This company is top notch in EVERYTHING they do!!!!!
Hillary in Lynchburg, VA *****
I have used Mitchell's towing numerous times. I would say about 5 times from unlocking my car to driving me 40 miles to get back to lynchburg. I have always had a great experience, specifically this morning with Mark and Ashley! I had a flat tire and then BOOM done asap. Mitchell's towing is great! Thank you in advance as well.
Douglas in Lynchburg, VA *****
Talked with my insurance rep who mentioned getting a towing service to pick up my car at my house and in no time, Ashley calls me to say they're outside needing my key. Thing is, I work out of town and had the key. She worked with me as far as coming back that evening to pick it up. Two trips the same day to pick up my car is outstanding. Thanks to all the reps for Mitchells Towing.
Gregory in Roanoke, VA *****
Great, friendly and fast service. Been coming here for years and never disappointed.

Greg P.
Darrel in Troutville, VA *****
These guys are god sent! Whenever you get in a wreck or in your time of need call these guys immediately they will be there with lights flashing in no time!
Bret in Roanoke, VA *****
Sheila in Appomattox, VA *****
After a horrid experience trying to get assistance from Geico, Mark and Mandy immediately put me at ease.

Mandy is very knowledgeable as dispatcher and straightened up the mistakes made by Geico at both where I needed the tow and the destination given by Geico which were both wrong.

I went with my vehicle to the drop off location where Mark and Mandy were both very professional and gave an excellent customer experience.

I will be requesting Michell’s in the future when appropriate.
Steven in Staunton, VA *****
In order for me to describe the way that the tow company has made me feel so amazing you would have thought I was his son or his brother I really appreciate them so much because they are reasonable an reliable they truly Pro service for the people believe me or not I was pulled over by the police accused but when they pulled up I feel so safe insecure that I have no problem giving my keys up and the communication skills these men wish I can get a job with them and work for this company so I recommend them to anybody who's having car problems all the way down to get pulled over early and I still make it to church on time how do you say it God is good thank you for these men for their service PS I want to tell them once again I appreciate them for the ride to church and for them too even took interest and how much that car was to me meant to me and they are reasonable and they help me out on the price I look for it in the future doing great business with this company in Staunton Virginia God bless you
Hawk in Roanoke, VA *****
Mick and Adam are awesome call them if you need help .very friendly and quick to respond!!!!!!
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