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Latest reviews for Mitchell's Towing and Recovery 5/5.0 stars (70 reviews)

Steven in Staunton, VA *****
In order for me to describe the way that the tow company has made me feel so amazing you would have thought I was his son or his brother I really appreciate them so much because they are reasonable an reliable they truly Pro service for the people believe me or not I was pulled over by the police accused but when they pulled up I feel so safe insecure that I have no problem giving my keys up and the communication skills these men wish I can get a job with them and work for this company so I recommend them to anybody who's having car problems all the way down to get pulled over early and I still make it to church on time how do you say it God is good thank you for these men for their service PS I want to tell them once again I appreciate them for the ride to church and for them too even took interest and how much that car was to me meant to me and they are reasonable and they help me out on the price I look for it in the future doing great business with this company in Staunton Virginia God bless you
Hawk in Roanoke, VA *****
Mick and Adam are awesome call them if you need help .very friendly and quick to respond!!!!!!
DV in Roanoke, VA *****
Mitchell's Towing and Recovery had great response time, price was very reasonable and they treated my dilapidated vehicle just like it was a Jaguar. When hooking up, loading and tying down they made sure not to do any damage. When unloading they made sure it was in the location and position that I wanted it to be. Thanks to Mitchell's!
robert in Weare, NH *****
great service rite on time staff was friendly and helpfull great job thanks bob
Chris in Hardy, VA *****
Fast and friendly staff, would definitely use them again if needed.
Angie in Rustburg, VA *****
So I locked my keys in the car while working and it was late and I called my insurance carrier to get roadside I must say that Gunnar went out of his way to help me the driver that was supposed to come get me was not answering this phone and Gunnar drove 45 minutes away just to unlock my car for me on his night off from home then he would not even take a tip from me... He was very nice and helpful I will never forget him helping me I will always call him when I need help he even had to stay here in lynchburg in and I ft so bad cause I locked my keys in the key
Sharon in Elmira, NY *****
Gage was friendly, informative, and performed work in a professional manner. We appreciated he made sure we had rental car before he left.
Heather in Roanoke, VA *****
The best service in town! Very quick to respond and get to your location, affordable and so easy to work with. I will never work with another tow company! Thank you for the fantastic service Joe and to our driver!
Kirsten in Lynchburg, VA *****
Joe was extremely helpful and even helped me with a minor car repair! I’d highly recommend you use his services!
Kyle in Roankke, VA *****
Joe gave me the best towing experience I’ve ever had. Despite many obstacles that were put in his way, he was very helpful, kind, and trustworthy. Definitely recommend.
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