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Stacy in Henrico, VA *****
My daughter was driving from Richmond back to Ferrum College in the dark, when her car broke down near Lynchburg along the side of the road. Brian was there in about 20 minutes to help her out and tow her. He waited with her until her Uber arrived! Brian was polite, professional and helped keep this mom calm when her kid was stuck and couldn't help.Thank you Brian and Mitchell's towing!
Dawn in Roanoke, VA *****
Ruby was beyond helpful when our ministry truck wouldn’t start! She went over and above the call of duty to make sure we got running so we could serve our homeless friends tonite! Thank you Ruby!!
Ann in Roanoke, VA *****
Another RESCUE From Mitchell’s towing and recovery Service.

I lost my keys while walking at the park didn’t realize it until it was getting dark....And I was getting ready to leave

Frustrated With the situation and angry with myself... after letting the tears flow for a while

Thankfully, I remembered Mitchell’s towing and recovery ...I called told him the situation and they were there to help me within 20 minutes.

If you ever been in this situation it is totally overwhelming and you feel so helpless....Can’t find my keys but thank goodness I can keep up With my phone.

Spent over an hour looking for my keys this morning....

So thankful to Mitchell’s towing and recovery service and the outstanding quick arrival.

Grateful to Joe and his TEAM
Benjamin in Bedford, VA *****
I have used Mitchell Towing and Recovery three times now and every time they were very prompt, professional and friendly. They got my car where it needed to be and made the experience as pleasant as it could be. I highly recommend them.
Susannah in Lynchburg, VA *****
Huge thanks to Ashleigh and Mark and their incredible customer service! They drove down to the Outer Banks to pick up our sick truck, and drove it back on up to Lynchburg. They totally went out of their way to make this as easy as possible, we cannot thank them enough!
Diane in Forest, VA *****
Great fast service. Friendly and helpful. It is obvious that Mark Hudson is committed to provide great service.
Phil in Lynchburg, VA *****
Mark Hudson is very courteous and efficient in doing his job. Thanks for a job well done.
Wow Organizing in Roanoke, VA *****
Mitchell’s Towing and Recovery to the RESCUE ...

I Was doing several errands before I was scheduled for an Organizing appointment.... while I was rushing around I was Almost finished with my last errand.. and THEN I locked my keys in the car ! ! ! Panic fear and frustration set in ! I always arrive to all my appointments a few minutes before schedule....

After I took a couple of deep breath it came to mind that Mitchell’s towing could help in the situation... So I called and Chad answered the phone: I told him in a PANIC Voice the situation.... he asked me the location and put me on hold for just a moment and told me that someone would be there in 15 minutes to help me.... The relief I felt was so welcomed . The driver was very careful with my door And had the keys in my hand in a matter of minutes... what a RELIEF !!!!

This company is top notch in EVERYTHING they do!!!!!
Hillary in Lynchburg, VA *****
I have used Mitchell's towing numerous times. I would say about 5 times from unlocking my car to driving me 40 miles to get back to lynchburg. I have always had a great experience, specifically this morning with Mark and Ashley! I had a flat tire and then BOOM done asap. Mitchell's towing is great! Thank you in advance as well.
Douglas in Lynchburg, VA *****
Talked with my insurance rep who mentioned getting a towing service to pick up my car at my house and in no time, Ashley calls me to say they're outside needing my key. Thing is, I work out of town and had the key. She worked with me as far as coming back that evening to pick it up. Two trips the same day to pick up my car is outstanding. Thanks to all the reps for Mitchells Towing.
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